A Chromebook for Every LCHS Student: District Announces New Tech Initiative

The Lake County School District is announcing an exciting new technology initiative that will place a laptop computer in the hands of every Lake County High School student by the end of February. Each 7th-12th grade student will be issued a Samsung Chromebook for educational use at home and at school; the district’s Chromebook initiative is known as a “one-to-one” effort because there is one device for every one student in the school. A Chromebook is a simple laptop using a Google operating system that is mainly used for accessing data stored “in the cloud” and for other Internet-based applications. Data can be downloaded on to the laptop from the cloud so that students without an internet connection at home will still be able to work.

The district’s BEST grant, which funded the new high school construction, is making this investment in technology possible. Each high school parent will receive a letter explaining how the program will work, and each student and parent will need to sign an acknowledgement of the rules and expectations associated with the loan before receiving a Chromebook. The district’s intent is to continue the one-to-one initiative for the foreseeable future. If you have questions about this initiative, please contact Christina Gosselin at the high school, or Kate Bartlett at the district office. We look forward to an exciting spring!

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