From Wendy: Getting an Important Update on Our Students’ Progress

As we head toward spring break and then the homestretch of the school year, it’s time for us to pause and measure how prepared our students are for the next grade and for success after graduation. Beginning the week of March 21, Lake County students in grades three through eleven will begin taking the annual Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS), assessments, including PARCC and other tests. A detailed testing schedule can be found here.

As you may remember, last year was the first year we took these new state assessments, which replaced the previous CSAP/TCAP tests and are designed to provide deeper insights into our students’ analytical and critical-thinking skills—the skills they’ll need to thrive in college and their careers.

The PARCC tests are another way we’re Elevating Expectations in our schools. The exams are aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards, which were adopted by our state in 2013 and raised the bar on what we want our students to have mastered by the time they graduate from high school.

We ask that parents please pay extra attention to making sure students are well-rested and at school on time during testing weeks. Full participation in the PARCC tests not only gives us essential information on how students are progressing, it also gives our schools and our teachers critical feedback on what’s working in our classrooms.

I realize that for some students standardized testing can bring anxiety. It’s important to remember that PARCC results are used solely as a progress report. They do not count in any way toward students’ grades. We encourage our students to relax, focus, and just do their best to demonstrate their learning on the tests. We are proud of all of the new things our students have learned this year and the effort and perseverance they have put into their education.

If you have any questions about the tests or the schedule, please contact your school front office. You may also reach me at 486-6810 or .

We believe that by setting high academic expectations for all students we are putting them on the path to a great future. The PARCC tests tell us how they, and we, are doing along that path. And we remain committed to making sure that all of our students have the support and opportunities they need along the way. We see a great future ahead of our students, and we look forward to helping them reach it.

Dr. Wendy Wyman, Superintendent

Interested in learning more? Please click here for more information for parents about assessment in Lake County schools.

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