Wilderness Experience class returns to LCHS through Get Outdoors Leadville!

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Get Outdoors Leadville! and its amazing partners made a canyon adventure possible for 7 LCHS students as part of a Wilderness Experience course offered by Colorado Mountain College in cooperation with Lake County School District. Six LCHS seniors – Kaylee Gonzales, Christian Luna, Fernando Soto, Isaac Carrizales, Paulina Remsen, and Diana Hernandez, and one junior, Maria “Pita” Rosales, took to the canyon lands of SE Utah over spring break with Colorado Mountain College’s Canyon Orientation course. The seven intrepid explorers included everyone from seasoned campers to never-evers. Students enjoyed traveling through Bears Ears National Monument in the best way possible – by hiking and camping in its beautiful red rock landscape! Trip highlights included sleeping under the stars on slickrock benches, hiking up fourth-class terrain to the mesa below Jacob’s Chair (a prominent butte feature that looks like a chair from some angles), rappelling and canyoneering in Cowboy Canyon, seeing petroglyphs and potsherds left by the Ancestral Puebloan people who last inhabited the canyon region over a thousand years ago, and, of course, plenty of laughter. Thank you to CMC, Colorado Outward Bound, HMI, Keen and the Outdoors Empowered Network for partnering with LCSD in this initiative!

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