Section D


Section D contains policies, regulations and exhibits on school finances and the management of funds. It includes policies on banking, accounting, purchasing and payroll. Policies on the financing of school construction and renovation, however, are filed in Section F – Facilities Development.

DAB – Financial Administration

DAB-E – Financial Administration  (Online Posting of Financial Information)

DAC-Federal Fiscal Compliance

DB-Annual Budget

DI – Fiscal Accounting

DIA-Online Schools and Online Programs (Permissible Documentation)

DIE – Audits/Financial Monitoring

DJ/DJA – Purchasing/Purchasing Authority

DJB-Federal Procurement

DJB-R-Federal Procurement

DJE – Bidding Procedures

DKB – Salary Deductions

DKC – Expense Authorization/Reimbursement (Mileage and Travel)