All Cloud City High School Students in “Yellow” status for the week of Sept. 28

Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) of a Cloud City HS student:

You may have received notification that all high school students are in “Red” status for the week of September 28.  This communication was sent on Thursday, September 24 as the district learned that there was a positive COVID case in Lake County High School.  Through the contact tracing process, it has been determined that this individual had no contact with students or staff in Cloud City High School during school hours and for this reason, Cloud City HS will remain in “Yellow” status for the week of September 28.  Students and staff will follow their hybrid, one day face to face schedule where students either come on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
Any time you receive a message that leads you to believe that school might be closed for Cloud City students, please double check the school’s website (  The banner on the top of each page will be RED instead of YELLOW in the event of a disruption to our normal operating schedule