Habits of a Learner: Collaboration in Action

As part of our K-6 Expeditionary Learning transformation, we are introducing Habits of a Learner. The staff identified 7 habits that will help students be successful in school and in life. We will be introducing these habits and studying them in depth. We encourage parents to ask about the habits and have students practice the habits at home and in the community. The habits are below; check out the short video posted here of two Kindergarteners demonstrating awesome collaboration!

  • Perseverance: I can stick with things even when I’m tired or when things are challenging.
  • Compassion: I can demonstrate empathy for others, my community, and the world around us.
  • Craftsmanship: I can demonstrate consistent use of revision strategies by giving, accepting, and acting on feedback. I can create my best work with creativity, skill, accuracy, and beauty.
  • Respect: I can treat others how we agreed to treat each other. I can take care of myself, others, property, and our environment.
  • Responsibility: I can stay focused on my work until it’s completed. I can demonstrate strategies that help me take ownership of my learning. I can take control of my actions and fix my mistakes.
  • Curiosity: I can explore new ideas by asking questions and seeking answers about the world around me.
  • Collaboration: I can communicate well by actively listening and explaining my ideas clearly. I can fulfill my role to achieve a common goal.

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