About Our School

Habits of a Learner

At LCIS we believe that it is important for students to develop habits of character and habits of scholarship. Our schoolwide Habits of a Learner are designed to support students in becoming leaders of their own learning.  

Our Habits of a Learner are:


I can stick with tasks even when I’m tired, frustrated, or challenged


I care for and help others, my community, and the world around me.


I reflect on and revise my work by accepting feedback. My work is beautiful, done with care, and I pay attention to detail.


I see the value in others and I treat everyone with kindness


I take care of myself, others, and our environment. I take ownership of my learning, my actions, and my mistakes.


I explore new ideas by asking questions and seeking answers about the world around me.


I communicate well by actively listening and explaining my ideas clearly. I work with others to achieve a common goal.