Project Dream Update 10.23.20

Dear Parents of Project Dream Students,

Thank you for a great first two weeks of Project Dream! We have really enjoyed working with your students and look forward to continuing these programs!

Thank you so much for your patience as we have shifted our 2nd day programming from the 100 Elk staff to the Project Dream staff for the remainder of this semester. Our second week is nearing completion and we’ve all learned so much. As you can imagine, the first few days at a new school with new routines and schedules have taken some adjustment time; our kids and staff have shown resilience and flexibility that makes us proud! Our cohorted classroom crews have been getting to know their Crew leaders and have been enjoying the new setting. 

We’re still working out some of the logistics in terms of technology and academic support time. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we may not have gotten through as much of the academic work as we had hoped. We are continuing to train our Project Dream Crew leaders in technology, academic time, and engaging outdoor activities.  Our systems will continue to tighten up as we learn the new routines.

The WPE teachers are providing instructional materials and guidance to support the Crew leaders.  Together we hope to settle into a routine which makes for the 2nd day programming to be rewarding and meaningful.  This is a complex system and we are excited that the pieces are falling into place well.   

Important Announcements

  • On Wednesday and Thursday we will only be doing a half day with kids because of Parent Teacher Conferences. If students are being picked up they should be picked up from Pitts between 11:00-11:15.
  • If you need to pick up your student early please come to the 5th Street entrance and call our WPE Site Supervisor Taylor Rapke at 719-293-5363 when you arrive, your student will be brought out to you. We are trying very hard to limit the number of people in the building each day.
  • When picking up your students please come to the 5th Street entrance instead of the parking lot. The buses go through the parking lot and we want to make sure all students stay safe during dismissal!
  • Thank you for remembering to send your student with their packets and ipads/chromebooks each day!
  • Crew leaders are focusing on establishing classroom routines and building relationships with their new “crews.”  As there are more academic expectations for this version of the second day programming, the goal is for it to look more like a traditional school day.  As such we are asking that students follow the expectations that they would at WPE.  Specifically, please make sure your student is leaving all toys and stuffed animals at home. If a student brings a stuffed animal or toy, they will be asked to keep it in his/her backpack. If they refuse to do so, the crew leader will hold on to the item until the end of the day, when they will send it home with students. Thank you for your help in maintaining clear expectations and helping our 2nd day programming to run as smoothly as possible!
  • If you have any questions about bus transportation after 4:00pm, please call Joyce LaCome at 719-
  • To excuse a student absence, you can continue to call the WPE office at 719-486-6890.
  • For all transportation changes, please call the WPE office before 2:30 at 719-486-6890.

Please reach out to our Site Supervisor Taylor Rapke (719-293-5363 or with any questions or concerns.

All our best,

The Project Dream Team