School Closure 3/4/2019 – Staff Information

Dear LCSD Staff:

Student and staff safety is always our primary concern. As a safety precaution due to the extensive amount of snow received this weekend, and in consultation with the Lake County Office of Emergency Management, all of our schools will be closed on Monday, March 4 to allow for snow removal from roofs and school property. Our procedures state that we clear the roofs particularly at Pitts and West Park (our oldest buildings at over 50 years old) once the snow reaches a certain depth. With more snow expected tonight, clearing these roofs is necessary. It is also time-consuming, and will take much of the day on Monday.

All staff members will receive pay for their normal hours on Monday.
Please watch for other communications from your manager. Because of the roof clearing at Pitts and West Park, we are asking staff to please not plan to come in to work in those buildings.

We will need help with snow removal, so if you are an LCSD employee and would like to earn some extra income, please come to West Park at 9am, dress for the weather and bring a shovel! Staff who work tomorrow will be paid $20 per hour on top of their normal rate for the day. 

As you may be aware, we also had a large outbreak of flu and other illnesses in our schools last week. On any given day, we had 100 or more students and many staff members absent across the district. While our schools are closed for snow removal tomorrow, our custodial staff will have the opportunity to do a disinfecting clean of at least some schools and classrooms. We hope that this will help curb the spread of illness.

Closing school is never our preference. We understand that it places a burden on parents and families. We carefully considered this decision in partnership with the Office of Emergency Management and determined it was the best decision from a safety perspective. Given the forecast, we currently expect school to run as normal on Tuesday, March 5.

Please contact your principal or manager with any questions. Thank you and see you Tuesday!