About Our School

Lake County Elementary School is an elementary school in the Lake County School District, for Kindergarten through Second Grade.

We love to learn at Lake County Elementary!

Grades: K-2

School Hours: 8:10 am to 3:25 pm

Enrollment: Approximately 200
Average Class Size: 21 to 28
School Colors: Purple and gold
School Mascot: Panthers

Specials offered: Physical education, music, basic computer skills, library
skills, counseling/Positive Behavior Support, Expeditionary Learning Art

Special Programs: Gifted and Talented (Grades K-2)
English as a Second Language (Grades K-2)
Title I support (Grades K-2)
Colorado Reading First (Grades k-2)
Special Education (Grades K-2)

Project Dream – after school programming until 5:45

Other Opportunities: Lake County Youth Basketball (Jan.-March)
Little League activities in Lake County
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts