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The Gifted and Talented Program at Lake County is offered through multiple pathways for students depending upon the grade level. All students identified as Gifted and Talented have an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP). An ALP is a map for educators, parents, and students to better understand and meet the needs of identified gifted learners. The Lake County School District (LCSD) GT Coordinator works directly with the parents, students, and teachers of identified gifted learners, to develop the ALP. Additionally, each identified student receives social emotional support, and is also given attention to unique learning needs, as is necessary, and according to individual student. 

Lake County Elementary School:  Grades Kindergarten – 2nd grade.  It is typical and best practice to consider mainly identification, and some basic differentiation for students at this grade level.  Students who are identified in this grade range have individual needs addressed in an Advanced Learner Plan.

LCES Gifted Programming here.

Lake County Intermediate School:  Grades 3 – 6.  Students at the Intermediate School are served through accelerated programming, cluster grouping, and extensions.  The majority of students in the Lake County School District are identified in this age range.  When identified, these students receive specific programming based on individual needs.  LCIS Gifted Programming here.

Lake County High School: Jr. High, Grades 7 & 8 ; High School, Grades 9 – 12 .  Students in Jr. High are served through accelerated learning, extension work, and individual differentiation.  Students at the High School are served through advanced programming that includes accelerated classes, college courses taken at Colorado Mountain College, advanced placement classes (AP) and even independent studies where warranted.

LCHS Gifted Programming here.

Parent Resources:

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Please contact your student’s school for the GT coordinator.