The following are RFPs currently open for our District: 

Request for Proposal (RFP) for E-Rate Consulting Services

Introduction: Lake County School District R-1 seeks a qualified E-Rate consultant to support our E-Rate applications and compliance efforts, maximizing funding and ensuring adherence to program regulations. Proposals must be submitted electronically to jmulcey@lakecountyschools.net by end of day, 7/16/2024.

Scope of Services: The selected consultant will assist with E-Rate application preparation and submission, manage the competitive bidding process, monitor funding requests, provide post-commitment support, ensure compliance with E-Rate rules, and maintain thorough documentation. Specific tasks include preparing and submitting required forms, developing RFPs, responding to PIA reviews, assisting with service substitutions and appeals, and providing staff training.

Proposal Requirements: Proposals should include consultant information, project team qualifications, approach and methodology, previous E-Rate experience with references, and a detailed cost proposal. Additional relevant information demonstrating the consultant’s capability is also welcome.

Evaluation Criteria: Proposals will be evaluated based on experience and qualifications, approach and methodology, cost, references, and the ability to ensure E-Rate compliance.

Submission Instructions: Submit proposals electronically to jmulcey@lakecountyschools.net by end of day, 7/16/2024. Direct questions by Cc: jmulcey@lakecountyschools.net jfrykholm@lakecountyschools.net jdmora@lakecountyschools.net by 7/15/2024.


  • RFP Release Date: 7/9/2024
  • Deadline for Questions: 7/15/2024
  • Proposal Due Date: 7/16/2024
  • Evaluation and Selection: ASAP Following 7/16/2024

Thank you for your interest in providing E-Rate consulting services to Lake County School District R-1. We look forward to your proposal.


Lake County School District R-1

End User Devices


Lake County School District R-1 is soliciting proposals from candidates interested in providing Information Technology End User Devices. Interested parties are requested to submit a quote and delivery timeframe for the devices. Delivery of devices is requested between July 15th and August 1st, 2024.


Lake County School District is requesting the following Chromebook devices. Total pricing for devices not to exceed $43,500.

  1. New or refurbished Chromebooks with the following minimum specifications:
    1. 2 GB RAM
    2. 16 GB Storage
    3. 11 inch screens
    4. USB C charging
    5. Integrated camera
    6. At least a 7 year lifespan
  2. Google Chrome OS Management Console License – academic

Please note, the rubric will include the number of devices, length of lifespan, previous business relationship, and meeting the minimum requirements.

Deadline for the delivery of proposals is Wednesday, July 15th, 2024 at 4:00pm. Email: jdmora@lakecountyschools.net