Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST Grant)

In anticipation that our West Park and Pitts Elementary School facilities will no longer be able to safely and reliably serve students in the future, the District submitted a Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grant application in 2019 for $20.8M to help fund a $34.7M replacement of the West Park facility, which would be designed to serve students in grades PK–2.

Project Updates:

Current Report

2/20 – 2/26

Past Reports – 2021

1/3-1/9, 1/9-1/15, 1/16-1/22, 1/23-1/29, 1/30-2/5, 2/6-2/12, 2/13-2/19

May through December 2020

5/23-5/29, 5/30-6/5, 6/6-6/12, 6/13-6/19, 6/20-6/26, 6/27-7/3, 7/4-7/10, 7/11-7/17, 7/18-7/24, 7/25-7/31, 8/1-8/7, 8/8-8/14, 8/15-8/21, 8/22-8/28, 8/29-9/4, 9/5-9/11, 9/12-9/18, 9/19-9/25, 9/26-10/2, 10/3-10/9, 10/17-10/23, 10/24-10/30, 10/31-11/6, 11/7-11/13, 11/14-11/20, 11/28-12/4, 12/5-12/11, 12/12-12/18, 12/19-1/2

Board of Education Reports

Board of Education Report 2.9.2021

Board of Education Report 1.12.2021

Board of Education Report 12.8.2020

Board Of Education Report 11.10.2020

Board of Education Report 10.9.2020

Board of Education Report 9.8.2020

Board of Education Report 8.6.2020

Board of Education Report 6.9.2020

Board of Education Report 5.12.2020

Board of Education Report 4.14.2020

Board of Education Report 3.10.2020

Board of Education Report 2.11.2020

Board of Education Report 12.10.2019

Board of Education Report 1.14.2020

Review our 2019 BEST application

The current West Park Elementary School

BEST is a competitive grant that provides financial assistance to school districts for the construction and/or renovation of new or existing public schools. It is funded by revenues from the State Land Trust, lottery proceeds, marijuana excise taxes, matching grant funds, and interest on monies in the assistance fund. BEST grants are matching grants will require a $13.9M (40% match) from the Lake County School District.

Lake County High School (serving students in grades 7–12) was fully renovated with the support of a $15.1 M BEST grant and the generosity of Lake County School District residents, who provided $11 M in matching funding through a successful bond measure in 2011.

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