Fieldwork & Field Trip Requests

Great that you’re planning to do fieldwork or a field trip! This is the system you must use anytime you’re taking students off campus (other than the community field/green house).

Here’s a how-to guide for Planning a Field Trip/ Fieldwork in LCSD. The following link is the first form you will submit. Please reach out to Becca Katz | 719.293.5169, Community Learning Director, with questions.

Step 1 – Principal Approval Form

Links to Steps 2A, 2B will be sent to you in an email when you get principal approval and will include prepopulated fields from your prior submission. A link to Step 3 will be sent to you when you get approval from Bunny Taylor re: subs and district calendar check. This will also include relevant prepopulated fields.

Step 2A: Transportation Availability Form
Step 2B: Subs & District Calendar Check
Step 3 – Final Checklist – Fieldwork / Field Trip Request

Adventure vs. Regular Fieldwork in LCSD
In LCSD, Fieldwork and Field Trips are divided into 2 categories: Adventure or Regular. Here’s a little bit about how we define these categories:

Regular Fieldwork/Field trips: These experiences take place during the school day hours (not extended hours) and have students doing things that would be considered normal school activities such as: studying birds at Hayden Meadows, visiting the Tabor Opera house, walking along the Mineral Belt Trail, going to the Florissant Fossil Beds, etc.

For all regular fieldwork/field trips, you may use an opt-out letter. Below are two example opt-out letters as your starting place. If you need translation support, send only the text in the gray box to your front office with a request for translation help.
       Outdoor fieldwork / field trip opt-out letter template – English & Spanish
       Non-outdoor fieldwork / field trip opt-out letter template – English & Spanish
       Simple chaperone request – English & Spanish. You can add in your contact info and this section if you would like chaperones.

Adventure Fieldwork/Field trips: These experiences are ones in which students are participating in activities that are not as common in school (i.e. downhill skiing, camping out, mountain biking) or are activities that are beyond school hours (i.e. extended schedule, overnights, etc). If you are conducting an “Adventure” fieldwork or field trip experience, please seek support from your front office/Becca Katz (for outdoor adventure fieldwork –, as you will need permission slips and potentially an Adventure Fieldwork waiver designed for outdoor adventure fieldwork). ALL ADVENTURE experiences are OPT-IN – so you will need to actively seek permission for these.