District Accountability Committee

The District Accountability Committee (DAC) shall bring together stakeholder voices, to include parents, teachers, administrators, and community members, with the goal of improving student outcomes in Lake County School District RE-1 in order to fulfill the DAC’s duties as charged in Colorado Revised Statute § 22-11-302. 

The Lake County District Accountability Committee’s (DAC) mission is to facilitate stakeholder engagement to improve outcomes for all students and staff, with the belief that every student should have access to quality education and that each staff member should have a rewarding and fulfilling place to work. To accomplish this mission, the DAC engages Lake County students, educators, staff, families and community members. The DAC is both an informational resource to the community and advisory to the Board of Education. The work of the DAC centers on improvement planning related to student achievement, budget, and other community concerns. 

District Accountability Shared Drive



Regular Meetings and subcommittee meetings

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