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We are glad you are interested in our school district. We have many exciting things happening in our schools and we are happy share some of them with you. Please contact me anytime with questions, comments or input about our schools.

Superintendent Dr. Bethany Massey

Lake County School District R-1
 District Administrators

Dr. Bethany Massey – Superintendent
(719) 486-6810

Bunny Taylor – Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent & the Board of Education
(719) 486-6805

Paul Anderson- Chief Financial Officer
(719) 486-6835

Mike Vagher – District Safety & COO
(719) 486-6813

Kathleen Fitzsimmons – HR Manager
(719) 486-6811

DJ Nephew-District Technology


Julie Mehle – Director of Food Services
(719) 486-6955

Rena Sanchez – Accounting Manager
(719) 486-6812

Joyce LaCome-Transportation Manager

Andi Weigel-Collaborative Director & Student Data


Taylor Trelka-Extended Learning Director

Carlye Sayler-Healthy Schools Director


Principals & School Administrators

Lake County High School
Erin Dillon – Principal
(719) 486-6971

Lisa Berman-Assistant Principal

Cloud City High School

Heather Moutoux-Principal


Lake County Intermediate School
Cheryl Talbot- Principal
(719) 486-6844

Lake County Elementary School
Katie Pongrekun- Principal
(719) 486-6890

Mark Stenzel-Teacher on Special Assignment


The Center Early Childhood Programs at Lake County Elementary
Lisa Roeder-Director of Operations
(719) 486-6928

Jackie Lujan-Director of Instruction


Marissa Romero – Child Care Director
(719) 486-6925