Teacher Evaluation & Effectiveness

Like all school districts in Colorado, Lake County is actively participating in the implementation of SB 191, a state bill passed in 2010 that changes the requirements for teacher evaluation  and monitoring educator effectiveness. In Lake County, we are actively working with our 1338 Committee, our education association and all of our teachers on the most effective implementation of the new evaluation rubric. We will continue to share information about this process here.

Fact Sheets & FAQs: The following resources from the Colorado Department of Education explain the new educator effectiveness law and its implications:

SB 191 Fact Sheet

Educator Evaluation Fact Sheet

Educator Effectiveness FAQs

Evaluation Rubrics for LCSD Staff: The following links will take you to the rubrics used to evaluate LCSD certified staff members.

Position: Rubric:
Teacher 2014-15 Teacher Rubric
Principal 2014-15 Principal Rubric
School Psychologist 2014-15 School Psychologist Rubric
Speech Pathologist 2014-15 Speech Pathologist Rubric
Nurse 2014-15 School Nurse Rubric
Counselor 2014-15 Counselor Rubric
Occupational Therapist 2014-15 Occupational Therapist Rubric