Teacher Evaluation & Effectiveness

In Lake County, we are actively working with our 1338 Committee, our education association and all of our teachers on the most effective implementation of the new evaluation rubric. We will continue to share information about this process here.   All employees with a certificate or license are evaluated using a state-adopted system outlined in legislation.

LCSD splits the evaluation based upon Professional Practices Rubrics (listed below) and Measures of Student Learn or Outcomes.  Each portion is 1/2 of the employee’s final effectiveness rating.   LCSD uses CoPMS as our evaluation data warehouse for all certified employees.

Evaluation Rubrics for LCSD Staff: The following links will take you to the rubrics used to evaluate LCSD certified staff members.

Position: Rubric:
Teacher Teacher Rubric
Principal Principal Rubric
School Psychologist School Psychologist Rubric
Speech Pathologist Speech Pathologist Rubric
Nurse School Nurse Rubric
School Counselor Counselor Rubric
Social Worker Social Worker Rubric