Coronavirus (COVID-19)~ ARP ESSER III Use of Funds Plan (Updated 3/19/24)

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Lake County School District ARP ESSER III Use of Funds Plan as Budgeted March 19, 2024.

Updated 5/20/22: Lake County School District (LCSD) has analyzed interim reading and math scores, attendance data, and parent, staff, and student surveys.  Based on data results, LCSD has determined that all students experienced a drop in reading scores and an increased need for mental health services. Data has been disaggregated for the groups listed in this question. Data shows a greater academic decline for students of color, English learners, and students with disabilities compared to the general student population.2020 State Level Data:Assessment testing in the pandemic year of 2020-21 was limited as 3rd-7th grade took only one content area exam (3, 5, 7 grades were administered the CMAS ELA test; 4 and 6 grades were administered the Math CMAS test) and 8th grade took Math and Science exams. Our results show that we are below state averages. When looking at trend data we are falling about 20% behind state averages for each of the assessed content areas.
Grade & Test
LCSD % Meet/Exceed Colorado % Meet/Exceed
3rd ELA 20% 39.1%
4th Math 12.7% 28.5%
5th ELA 25.5% 47.2%
6th Math 3.6% 24.1%
7th ELA 23% 42.6%
8th Math 11.1% 29.5%
8th Science 9.5% 26.4%

Local Academic Content Data:Our local data for the 2021-22 school year is aligning with our 2020 CMAS results. According to our Fall 2021 NWEA assessment test, 22% of students are projected to be Meets/Exceeds on CMAS ELA and only 7% of students are projected to be Meets/Exceed on CMAS Math.
Local Growth Content Data:Despite the limited instructional experiences for students throughout the pandemic year, 56% of students in grades 3-12 met their NWEA Maps ELA growth targets and 53% of these students met their NWEA Maps Math growth targets.

And in reviewing the K-2 DIBELS data for the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, the percent of students meeting/exceeding their grade level expectations is higher than where this grade level began last year.
Disaggregated Data: Within our disaggregated data we are noticing there is an achievement gap in both Math CMAS scores and ELA CMAS scores between Minority and Non-Minority students. 

Non-Minority % Below benchmark Minority% Below benchmark Gap
3rd ELA 68.2% 86.8% 18.6%
4th Math 82.6% 90% 7.4%
5th ELA 35.7% 89.2% 53.5%
6th Math 81.8% 100% 18.2%
7th ELA 46.7% 87% 40.3%

In selecting our evidence-based interventions, we focused on addressing the increased need for literacy instruction and need for access to mental health services. These interventions are detailed in the budget. LCSD schools will be conducting beginning, mid and end of year progress monitoring through the district reading assessment, NWEA assessment, annual state assessments, and annually analyzing beginning- and end-of-year parent, student, and staff mental health surveys in order to ensure that interventions are addressing the identified students’ academic, social, and behavioral needs. 

Here is a breakdown of the use of ARP ESSER III funds:

2020-2021 Academic Year Covid-19 Updates

Health & Safety Handbook: COVID Pandemic Procedures & Guidelines

View the many procedures our district has implemented to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. Check back often, as this handbook will be continually updated as guidelines change.

Link to English Hand book is here.

Link to Spanish Handbook is here.

Illness Screener & Sick Flow Chart-English

Illness Screener & Sick Flow Chart-Spanish

How to Quarantine

Staff Illness COVID Leave/PTO

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