Math Resources for Parents

Our Math Team recommends the following resources if you would like to further support your child’s math progress at home:

Learnzillion One of the most beneficial websites for Common Core is It matches our standards exactly and demonstrates the math using models, which is usually the most confusing part of conceptual math. Teachers can set their students up with an account and also recommend videos that align with our current topics. The videos are also accessible through Youtube without needing an account!  Type in the math topic for help.



Another resource is Khan Academy . Khan Academy is great for the standard algorithm, and some models. A benefit to Khan Academy that Learnzillion doesn’t offer are the practice problems with immediate feedback on Khan.  Khan also has a translation tool at the bottom of the page!  Once you create a free account, you can browse by subject, grade, and topic.





For basic information about the Common Core – this link provides information for “what parents should know.





Lastly, this PTA site has wonderful, grade by grade guides for both Math and English-Language Arts for parents.  All are available in Spanish, too!



*Please never hesitate to contact your child’s teacher for any specific questions! We are a strong team in developing skills.

Learning and exploring with your child can be a valuable experience in which you model curiosity, perseverance, and collaboration!