Project Dream has been the main out-of-school time provider for the Lake County School District since 2010. Thanks to multiple donations and grants including the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant, we are able to offer a variety of programs throughout the year. Programs include after school clubs, Friday, and summer programs for students grades K-12. Programs are provided free of charge or using a sliding scale to ensure all families are able to access Project Dream. School year programs begin a few weeks into school and conclude the week before school lets out for summer vacation. Summer program schedules vary based on school and partner schedules. Transportation is provided if this is a significant barrier for a student to participate. Either a snack or meals are provided during all programs.

After School Programs

After school programs run at all school campuses Monday-Thursday from the time school lets out until 6:00 pm. At Lake County Elementary School, there are a variety of clubs that students rotate through each day. Students are assigned to clubs by the school’s Site Supervisor. Clubs vary each year based on staff’s skills. Some examples of clubs include Get Outdoors Leadville!, Art, STEM, No-Cook Cooking, Outdoor Games, Theater, Team Sports, and Explorers (maps). When students move on to Lake County Intermediate School, they are able to choose their club each day and clubs become more advanced. Some examples of clubs at LCIS are Get Outdoors Leadville!, Art, Lego Robotics, Science Experiments and Cooking. When students move on to Lake County High School, they actually apply to run the clubs and have an adult sponsor present. Examples of clubs at the Lake County High School include, Get Outdoors Leadville!, Cooking, Dungeons and Dragons, Chess, Jewelry Making, and Cosmetology. In addition, El Camioncito, the district’s Mobile Learning Center, travels to Lake County neighborhoods each day to provide tutoring support on a redesigned school bus that serves as a learning space. El Camioncito schedule can be found below.

Friday Programs 

Friday programs run the full day most Fridays throughout the school year. A portion of the day is typically focused on academics or life skills development. This means additional academic or life skills enrichment for students K-6, tutoring support or enrichment for students 7-8, and credit recovery for students grades 9-12. The other portion of the day is focused on fun in the form of clubs with partners. Activities include Farm Club with Cloud City Conservation Center, Get Outdoors Leadville! Club with activities off-campus such as ice-skating and rock climbing at the Colorado Mountain College gym, swim lessons with Swim Squared LLC, museum/zoo visits, and trips to aquatic centers.

Summer Programs

During the summer, Project Dream teams up with Get Outdoors Leadville! and their Rockies Rock summer camp to provide after camp programs for students K-6. After camp is very similar to after school clubs running from the time Rockies Rock lets out until 6:00 pm. Students participate in a variety of enrichment clubs that have an academic focus such as, Literacy, Math, STEM, and Artistic Reading and Writing. For students 7-8, Project Dream hosts summer school for any student that has failed a core class and for students 9-12, Project Dream runs credit recovery programs throughout the summer.