Multilingual Education

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Lake County School District is committed to our Multilingual Learners and their journey to English Language Proficiency. Lake County has a diverse population that contributes so much to our schools and our classrooms. We celebrate the cultures and languages brought to our district by our multilingual learners. 

At Lake County School District our mission for our Multilingual Learners (ML) is to provide comprehensive English Language education and services. We provide students with the language skills and cultural understanding necessary to participate in social and academic settings. Lake County School District challenges all students to reach their fullest potential through personal, engaged, and rigorous learning in the classroom and beyond.


LCSD staffs ELD teachers at each campus and also an ELD paraprofessional to provide supplemental support. LCSD is committed to developing and maintaining reading, writing, listening, and speaking competency in English as outlined by the WIDA standards and measured by ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 assessment. MLs will demonstrate proficiency according to state and district benchmarks as measured by state standardized assessments and curriculum based measures such as formative and summative assessments. MLs will develop and apply academic language as measured by curriculum based assessments. ELD teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to provide content-aligned language instruction as well as additional language instruction based on students’ unique language needs.


Students learning English in the state of Colorado take the Access 2.0 English language assessment in January and February. The Access 2.0  evaluates English proficiency in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. All kindergarten through twelfth-grade students who have been identified as Non-English Proficient or Limited-English Proficient in the state of Colorado participate. 


Lake County School District has adopted a district wide curriculum for our Multilingual Learners (ML’s). EL Achieve is a systematic ELD curriculum. Systemic ELD puts language learning squarely in the foreground and grade-appropriate content in the background. To learn more about the district’s new curriculum follow the link


All students have a right to equal access to an appropriate and high-quality public education per Federal law, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974, Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act, and Colorado statutory requirements. 


Lake County Elementary School 

ELD Teacher

Trista Romocki 

Lake County Intermediate School: 

Nathaniel Casados 

Lake County High School

ELD Paraprofessional

Crystal Euceda 

Cloud City High School

ELD Paraprofessional 

Stephanie Radilla  

Lake County District Office 

ELD Specialist/Equity Director

Lorena Walker