About Us

Kindergarten students visit the National Fish HatcheryWelcome to Lake County, Colorado!
We are a small, rural school district located high in the mountains of central Colorado. The view from all four of our schools includes the two highest peaks in the state–Mt. Elbert (14,439 feet in elevation) and Mt. Massive (14,429 feet). Our district includes an early childhood education center housing Head Start and the Colorado Preschool Program; a kindergarten through second grade Expeditionary Learning school; a third through sixth grade Expeditionary Learning school; and a seventh through twelfth grade high school housed in a brand new $26-million dollar building.

Just like we are surrounded by high peaks, the expectations we hold for ourselves and our students are high. We are pushing ourselves to improve by committing to the following district goals:

  • Ensuring all students stay on or above grade level each year and graduate prepared to successfully implement a plan for college or career (“Every day, we are college and career-ready”)
  •  Providing all students with engaging learning opportunities (“Rigor and engagement are everywhere”)
  • Creating a space that is safe, inclusive, and welcoming for all (“Diversity and culture make us better”)
  • Planning and executing the capital and human capital investments that will make our district better (“We plan for the future.”)

If you’d like to know more about the steps we are taking toward these goals, please view our District Strategic Plan. We look forward to sharing more with you about our work. Please contact us with any questions you might have!


District Strategic Plan-(Board Policy BSR-5E)