Daily Changes and Safety for Students Riding a Lake County School District Bus

LCES Students

If you have small/ young students riding the bus, we encourage all parents to please be at the bus stop to meet them.

Parents of a kindergarten student MUST be there to sign them off.


Students at LCIS/LCHS/CCHS are not required to be signed off.

Daily Bus Changes

If you are changing your student’s bus route, you will need to call the front office at the school for them to give a “change note” that will allow the student to ride a different route that day. Changes should be made with the front office no later than 3:00 pm each day to ensure the change is made and a note is given to the student.

Safety at bus pick-up/drop off location

Safety of your student during pick up and drop off is very important to us!

  • Watch for students getting on or off the bus at bus stops.
  • Watch for students in parking lots as they go to their cars and may not be watching for you!
  • Be mindful of the time of year it may be dark in the mornings or afternoons and students may be harder to see.

Bus Routes

Bus Routes are approximate times and students should be to the bus stop early in order to meet the bus.

Link to bus routes are here.