Board Policies

Strategic Policies

SP-1          Board Policy Introduction

SP-2          Mission

SP-3          Results Based Governance Policy

SP-4          Management Oversight Policy

SP-4C-1    Management Oversight Calendar

SP-5          District Instructional and Learning Policy

Governance Process

GP-1         Governance Commitment

GP-2         Governing Style

GP-3         Board Job Description

GP-4         Monitoring Board Governance Process and Board/Superintendent Relationship Policies

GP-5         President’s Role

GP-6         Board Committee Principals

GP-7         Agenda Planning

GP-8        Board Member’s Code of Conduct

GP-9        Board Member Convenants

GP-10      Board Members Conflict of Interest

GP-11       School Board Member Financial Disclosure

GP-12      Process for Addressing Board Member Violations

GP-13      Development of New Board Policy

GP-14     Public Participation at School Board Meetings

Board/Superintendent Relationship

BSR-1      Global Governance Management Connection

BSR-2      Unity of Control

BSR-3      Accountability of the Superintendent

BSR-4      Delegation to the Superintendent

BSR-5      Monitoring Superintendent Performance

BSR-5E   Monitoring Superintendent Performance-Strategic Plan

Staff/Superintendent Guidelines

SSG-1      Global Staff/Superintendent Guideline

SSG-2      Treatment of Students, Parents and Community

SSG-3      Staff Treatment

SSG-4      Staff Compensation

SSG-5      Emergency Superintendent Succession

SSG-6      Budgeting

SSG-7      Financial Administration

SSG-8      Asset Protection

SSG-9      Communication and Counsel to the Board