Negotiated Agreements

Master Agreement between Lake County School District R-1
and Lake County Education Association

Preamble – Recognition Statement:
The District recognizes the Association as the exclusive representative and negotiating agent for all teachers for the duration of this agreement.

The purpose of this agreement is to promote collaborative relationships among the faculty, administration and the Board to cultivate student learning. This agreement provides a structure that ensures mutual respect, value and honor among all parties.

Teacher Contract 2019-2022

MOU to postpone negotiations 4.14.21

MOU to postpone negotiations 3.5.21

MOU 2020-2021 COVID Leaves

MOU 2020-2021 Regarding leaves

MOU 2019-2020 Regarding leaves

Teacher Contract 2016-2019

Teacher Contract 2015-2016

2013-2014 Contract Amendment

Teacher Contract 2014-2015

Teacher Contract 2013-2014

Teacher Contract 2012-2013

Teacher Contract 2011-2012

Teacher Contract 2010-2011

Teacher Contract 2009-2010


Union Contract 2019-2022-Updates wages as 7.1.2020

Union Contract 2019-2022

Union Contract 2016-2019

Union Contract 2015-2016

Union Contract 2013-2015

Union Contract 2010 – 2013

Union Contract 2007 – 2010