Staff Directory

2023-2024 Staff Directory (Page under construction/updates)

Administrative / Office Staff

Scott Carroll Principal  719-486-6971
Lindsay Cade Assistant Principal  
Maggie Kane Assistant Principal  
Amy Peters Athletic Director 719-486-6834
Crystal Marshall Secretary 719-486-6950
Alison Sprague Athletic Secretary 719-486-6954
Fernanda Villarreal Bilingual Secretary 719-486-6974

Instructional / Other Staff

Name Position Email

Voice Mail Extension
(dial 486-6888,
then enter the 4
digit extension
starting with 2)

Direct Dial Extension,
if applicable
Roxie Aldaz Business / Technology  2001  
Maddie Anagnou Special Education    
Kyle Baker Health/ Physical Education    
Lauren Bissonnette SWAP Coordinator   719-293-0130
Celesta Cairns Choir/ Band    
Kim Chavez Culture Paraprofessional    
Nicci Condon High School Science    
Kari Crum High School Spanish 2033  
Michele DeWine 7th / 8th Grade Science    
Crystal Euceda ELD Paraprofessional    
Anderson Ferrer Native Spanish 2047  
Luke Finken High School Social Studies     
Lisa Forget 8th Grade Math  
Alisha Forsyth HS English Language Arts    
Jonah Frykholm IT    
Clayton George 7th Grade Social Studies    
Arizona Hager 8th Grade ELA    
Kelly Hofer Pre-Collegiate Coordinator   719-486-6972
Cody Jump High School Social Studies 2068  
Dylan Kane 7th Grade Math    
Andrea Koehler Internship Coordinator    
Jon Lenhard 8th Grade Social Studies/ HS Government    
Christian Lovely Physical Education    
Colin McFee Wood and Metals Shop    
Selena Medina Special Education Paraprofessional    
Claudia Mekins Special Education    
Kim Moffett Special Education    
Devin Monroe Special Education    
John Mora IT    
Jamie Peters High School Math 2119  
Karl Remsen HS Math 2127  
Devin Riggs High School Language Arts    
Dylan Rodwick Career Exploration, Theater    
Sarah Saathoff Art Teacher    
Jose Sierra Special Education Paraprofessional    
Jeff Spencer Math Teacher  2145  
Leonard Williams High School Science    
Anita Wilke 7th Grade ELA    
Maria Lizardo Food Service Director