Colorado Preschool Program

For Parents:
The Colorado Preschool Program is a state school readiness program, providing 10 hours a week of early childhood education at no cost to parents.  Children must be 3 or 4 years old by October 1, and qualify for this program based on risk factors.  The program runs from 9:15 am to 12 noon Monday through Thursday each week following the school district calendar.

CPP in Lake County is currently housed at the Center and offers students a well-rounded early childhood experiences using the Creative Curriculum.  All staff have been trained in developmetally appropriate practice and how to support children in getting ready for Kindergarten academically, socially, physically and behaviorally.

Children have reguraly scheduled times to play with friends inside and outside, interact with books and stories, learn songs and dances, experience a variety of learning centers, participate in field trips and also learn through projects in a variety of domains.

The Lake County Early Childhood Council acts as the District Advisory Board for the CPP program at The Center.  For more information on these meetings, please contact the Family and Community Partnerships Manager at The Center at 719-486-6928.

For Providers:
If you are a licensed facility and are interested in applying through the school district to have CPP slots available at your center, please review the following links to see if your program qualifies as a cacility that could house CPP slots.  Please contact The Center with any questions at (719) 486-6920.

CPP minimum criteria

CPP RFP application


CPP risk factors