Staff Directory

 Staff Directory

Office Staff

Cheryl Talbot Principal 719-486-6844
Annette Casados Registrar 719-486-6830
Karly Menchen School Social Worker 719-486-6857
Tracy Vincent Secretary to the Principal 719-486-6832


Name Position Email Phone
3rd Grade      
Katrina Hanger 719-486-6859
Katherine Page 719-486-6854
Amanda Rogers 719-486-6855
4th Grade      
Jung Kim 719-486-6861
Valerie Martin 719-486-6863
Ash Warner 719-486-6860
5th Grade      
Lana Butler 719-486-6822
Bernadette Finck 719-486-6821
Karen Johnson 719-486-6827
6th Grade      
Karen Brungardt (Campbell) 719-486-6915
Alfio DiMaggio 719-486-6916
Lisa Forget 719-486-6911
Special Education      
Marcia Cates K-6 Special Education Dean 719-486-6912
Becky Church Learning Specialist 719-486-6918
Kate Luna Paraprofessional 719-486-6918
Cindy MacIsaac Occupational Therapist 719-486-6853
Kelly Martinez Speech Language Pathologist 719-422-3712
Jessica Rea Paraprofessional 719-486-6918
Christie Sederquist  Learning Specialist


Cassandra Navarro Paraprofessional 719-486-6856
Donna Wood Learning Specialist 719-486-6856
Leah Delynko English Language Development 719-486-6866
Counseling Services      
  Behavioral Health Interventionist    
Karly Menchen School Social Worker 719-486-6857
Specials /Explore      
Aaron Barnett Health Instrucion 719-486-651
Celesta Cairns Music/Band 719-486-6871
Amanda Good Art 719-486-6910
Kim Osborn Libray / Tech. Paraprofessional 719-486-6848
Doug Smith STEM 719-486-6826
Kevin Teesdale Physical Education  
Food Service      
Luz Nava Head Cook 719-486-6847
Karla Rodriguez Cook 719-486-6875
Alma Rosales Cook 719-486-6875