Waste Warriors & Styrofoam Stoppers Make LCSD Greener

Two student groups, the Waste Warriors and the Styrofoam Stoppers, are making a meaningful impact in the effort to make the Lake County School District more environmentally sustainable. Last week, both groups reported their progress to the Lake County Board of Education and shared the videos below.

The Waste Warriors are DOOR students who manage the recycling program at LCHS and have been influential in planning for a school composting system in partnership with the Cloud City Conservation Center. C4 recently received a significant grant to begin implementing compost in our schools.

Four third graders make up the Styrofoam Stoppers, a group that by its own initiative took on the task of researching the impacts of styrofoam and then reducing or eliminating its use in Lake County Schools. This group makes a compelling argument for the use of reusable serving dishes, and Lake County Food Service agrees! Again in partnership with C4, the district is now implementing a plan to phase out styrofoam completely.

Many thanks to the incredible students and supporting adults who are behind these initiatives! Stay tuned for more on their progress.

Waste Warriors Video:



Styrofoam Stoppers Video:


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