Shopko Opens as a Lake County School District Partner

Today, the new Shopko Hometown Leadville opened its doors in a formal celebration.  We are grateful to have such a business open which is clearly invested in us!   You can even buy your Lake County Panther gear there!

Demonstrating their commitment to our community, Shopko presented Lake County School administrators with a $2,500 check for the high school. Present to receive such a generous donation from the store’s manager, Lana Marsh, were Wendy Wyman, Christina Gosselin, Maggie Kane, and Mike Vagher.  In addition, Lana Marsh received a “Key to the City” from Mayor Jaime Stuever, which was made by our own LCHS woodshop students!

Thank you to all who are working together to continually improve our already wonderful city! We wish Shopko the best in its bright future!


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