October is Farm-to-School Month ~ See what’s coming to our cafeterias

October is Farm to School month! While Colorado does not have the longest growing season, the harvest season comes just in time for us to serve Colorado produce to students in the fall. When Colorado produce is available, we do our best to buy it and serve it fresh. In honor of Farm to School month we’d like to share a snapshot of the Colorado produce available to your kids in the school cafeterias in October.

  • Colorado cabbage will be the base for our coleslaw
  • Colorado grown baby carrots and leaf and romaine lettuce will be found daily on the salad bars throughout October
  • Cilantro will be used in the bean salad and “schoolmade” salsas
  • Potatoes from the San Luis Valley will be transformed to baked fries, mashed potatoes, and baked on the salad bar
  • Roasted butternut squash will be featured on the salad bars

Help us in celebrating Farm to School month by eating locally this month! Here’s a recipe from Colorado Proud to get you started: Oven Roasted Carrots https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/sites/default/files/Oven%20Roasted%20Carrots.pdf.

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