Thank you and Start of School Video

While the start of school has been very different and anything but monotonous, you are all continuing to march along beside us. Thank you.

We wanted to make sure you have the chance to catch some of the joys happening in the schools. From giggles to high fives, it’s been great to see our kids back in the building.

We are working hard to implement our health protocols. Handwashing, one way hallways, lunches in classrooms, health screeners, masks, cohorts of students, physical distancing and alternative programming are just a few of the different approaches to our school year that our staff has been working diligently to implement.

As access to the building is limited to mitigate unintended exposure to COVID, we wanted to find a way to allow families a peek into our schools. You will find a video here that has been created to capture some of the back to school moments that have happened.

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