Bus Information

Hello LCSD Families!

Below are links to all of our school bus routes to help you determine which bus your student will ride and what time s/he will be picked up and dropped off. Still have questions? Please contact your student’s school front office:

West Park Elementary: 486-6890

Lake County Intermediate School: 486-6830

Lake County High School: 486-6950

You can also reach Transportation Manager Joyce LaCome by calling 486-6801

Please click on the route to see the details of schedules and stops:

Route 1 (Bus 16) –      South – Pan Ark, Twin Lakes, Beaver Lakes, Lake Fork

Route 2 (Bus 17)-       Stringtown, Lake Fork and Brooklyn Heights

Route 3 (Bus 3) –        In Town

Route 4 (Bus 21) –      County Road 4, Silver Hills, Matchless, Gem Valley, Eagles Nest

Route 5 (Bus 19) –      Special Needs  – Families whose students ride this bus will receive information from the district

Route 10 (Bus 10) –    Mountain View West

Route 11 (Bus 20) –    Mountain View East

Route 12 (Bus 5) –      North – Highway 91, East Fork, East 11th & 12th

Route 14 (Bus 17) –   Mountain View West, West Park Neighborhood

Route 15 (Bus 11) –    Mountain View