COVID-19 Update for STAFF

Dear LCSD Staff, 

We hope you are doing well and keeping you and yours healthy during this time of so much uncertainty. 

We wanted to reach out to let you know what we are currently working on plans for the next few weeks with the help of school leaders. 

Today, we met with school leaders to discuss the plans to support our students with a mixture of learning ideas. The leaders of each school will be reaching out to staff in their buildings to put into place plans that will work for each school.  Grade level teachers will be the “experts on the ground” to create the best fitting plans for their grade-level students. There will be general guidelines for each school to ensure we are putting forth a good faith effort to support students, and we recognize this is no replacement for the dynamic, in-person experience of school.   Plans may look very different at each building, and we are working to have a cohesive plan that supports all aspects for our students. School leaders will be reaching out next week to discuss your role as an important part of that plan. We hope to have work ready for students the week of March 30th, as we take next week to carefully plan and schedule time within the building.

To give us time to do one thorough cleaning, buildings will be closed for most of the upcoming week. If you must come into the building, please let your building principal/director know.   Your building principal will reach out to schedule staggered times for staff members to come in while keeping within the social distance guidelines, so that we can safely work on learning plans for our students. 

During this time, all employees will continue to be paid. The level of operations will look different for each employee group. We will be following “social distancing” and other CDC-recommended hygiene practices to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. If you are coming into the buildings, there will be sanitizer for you to use along with wipes to sanitize things like the copiers that  multiple people may need to use. Remember that we should not have a group of ten or more. 

We appreciate everyone for their work and volunteering to help deliver meals for our students! Kerri will be continuing to work on those schedules and will be in touch with people who have reached out to her. If you are interested, please just send her an email and she will add you to the list!

We have been reminded often this past week what a supportive and wonderful community we live in. We appreciate all that you have done and will do to support our students and families! What a wonderful CREW we have here at Lake County School District!