Hello CDLS virtual families of West Park!

We are so grateful that you and your student have been using the CDLS virtual program for school this year. We understand that education is very complex right now and want to support you as much as we can during the upcoming year. You got this! Online Classrooms are like a different language at first, but you will find there is going to be a lightbulb moment in the next two weeks.

CDLS is the Colorado Department of Education recommended vendor which is providing our virtual instruction at West Park Elementary school. You each have a West Park staff member who also acts as your local contact and crew leader: Ms. Perez or Ms. Seifert. These teachers provide some individualized instruction and support, in addition to the instructors who are providing the CDLS classes of math, language arts, science, and art.

We understand that the CDLS classes offer a lot of work and families have different experiences with the speed at which they can complete assignments. The following is a structure that I recommend you use as you are thinking about your time and learning schedule for your child:

  • Please aim to complete at least 6 hours of school-related work on each school day. This is nearly equivalent to the instructional time that our students at West Park complete and also meets the state requirement of instructional hours for an elementary student. 
  • I recommend you complete at least 4½  hours of CDLS instruction each day – I also recommend you break up their day with physical and social activities to help your child keep up their focus and stamina. 
  • Prioritize math and language arts as the subjects to work on for these 4½ hours. If you are done early, then continue to work on science or art. Please know that our instructional priority is the math and language arts courses. If you have already worked 4½ hours in a day, please do not feel pressure to go onto art or science.
  • In addition, we would recommend spending 30 minutes on two of the following: Lexia, Dream Box, RAZ kids, or other content that Ms. Perez or Ms. Seifert have put on their Google classroom pages.  
  • If you are doing other educational activities of which you would like your West Park teacher to be aware, please let them know!  We may be able to record those as instructional time, if needed. The teachers can help you with this.

We do not want this to be an overwhelming experience, and also want it to continue to be a rigorous instructional year for your student. Please reach out to Ms. Perez or Ms. Seifert if you have any questions. And always continue to reach out to your CDLS instructors for support in the content areas.

Thank you for being an important part of our West Park family! 


Kathleen Fitzsimmons

Principal, West Park Elementarykfitzsimmons@lakecountyschools.net