LCHS Communication 12/13/23

Dear LCHS Community,

Here at Lake County High School, safety and a healthy building community is of the utmost importance to us.

We are reaching out today to let you know we are aware of two physical altercations that have occurred on campus over the past two days. When we learn of incidents such as these we immediately begin our investigation process and work with the students and families involved. At this time, we are following our internal processes to ensure the safety of our building and that educational experiences can continue for our student population and that the safety of those involved is protected. We want to be clear, physical altercations of any kind will not be tolerated at Lake County High School and we do not view physical altercations as an appropriate way of dealing with conflict. If a student is made aware of a planned fight, we encourage them to report this to an appropriate adult so measures can be taken to intervene. 

We believe that a few of the latest physical altercations were captured by cell phone. We also believe it is important to educate our students on the concerns that arise from the distribution of such videos. We want to make sure that the privacy of students involved is protected and that we can still continue to operate our building and provide students with their education. If we are made aware of students possessing or distributing these videos of other students in any form, students may face consequences here at LCHS.

We continue to see many of our students making positive choices that help build a safe and healthy building culture. We encourage you to discuss these topics with your student, the importance of creating a safe environment, and appropriate ways of resolving conflict. Please feel free to reach out to LCHS Administration with any questions and/or concerns. Together we can work to create a safe and healthy environment for our building community. 

Lake County High School Administration