LCSD is sharing this survey and information from The Lake County Youth Coalition/Lake County Build a Generation. Read below for more information and a link to survey if you choose to have your 9-12 grade student participate.

Purpose of the request

The Lake County Youth Coalition is a student-led coalition not affiliated with the school district. This group works to raise awareness, advocate for

change, and work to advance the well-being of youth in our community. The coalition envisions a future

where youth in Lake County are accepted, supported, and have the resources they need to thrive.

The coalition is composed of current 11th and 12th grade

students who have identified a community issue – that while there are supportive services available to

young people in Lake County, youth are often unaware of these resources and/or unsure of how to

access them – and would like to collect more information about the scope of the problem. The coalition

plans to survey students to learn more about what resources are most needed as well as what specific

resources/services youth may or may not already know about. This survey will be supplemental to a

gaps/needs assessment that the Youth Coalition is undertaking simultaneously and will provide crucial

youth voice to their research.

How the data would be used

The data collected from this survey would be used both to advise community leaders and non-profit

partners about more effective ways to advertise their services to the youth population as well as to

provide feedback about making services more accessible to young people. Additionally, data would be

used to inform community partners about resources that young people identified a need for that don’t

currently exist in our community or that may not be accessible to youth, to advocate for service

expansion, and to advocate for removal of barriers to accessing these services.

Who the data will be shared with

As stated in the previous section, the data will be shared anonymously and in aggregate with community

leaders and non-profit partners, as appropriate. The data may also be shared back to students in the form

of anonymous quotes/statistics used to raise awareness about specific services that youth weren’t aware

of and/or identify as missing.

Who will be surveyed + how data will be collected

Students in 9th-12th grade will be surveyed through a Google Form sent to families of LCSD eligible students.

Who will have access to the data + what will happen to it once collected

The raw and complete data set will only be accessible to the Youth Coalition and its facilitator. Quotes and

statistics from the data will be shared only anonymously and in aggregate with the community. Once it is

collected, the Youth Coalition will work with its facilitator to analyze the data, pull out key themes, and

identify opportunities for advocacy with community partners as well as opportunities to communicate their

findings to their peers.

How would student privacy be assured

As a group of young people themselves, the Youth Coalition understands the need to prioritize and honor

student privacy. As such, the survey will be anonymous, asking for only certain demographic information

(such as gender, race/ethnicity, and grade/age), and will include a question that allows for students to

explicitly give or deny permission for excerpts of their responses to be pulled out and shared

anonymously with the community. As stated above, only the coalition and its facilitator will have access to

the complete data set of survey responses to further assure student privacy.