LCSD Meal Distribution Plan

Hello Meal Distribution Staff!

Thank you so much for your willingness to step in to deliver meals to students! We hope everyone is feeling well during this time. Please read the following carefully for information on the meal distribution.

Your role as a Meal Distributor is outlined by location below. For all locations you will check off the number of meals distributed using the meal distribution count sheets provided that morning.

Mtn View West, Mtn View East, and Lake Fork: If you are assigned to one of these locations, your role as a Meal Distributor is to walk alongside your driver and their vehicle and grab lunches from the vehicle to hand out as families come out from their home. 

East Fork/Hemlock Neighborhood: If you are assigned to this location as a Meal Distributor you will walk alongside your driver and vehicle and grab lunches from the vehicle as families come out from their homes. When driving to the Hemlock Neighborhood, drive on Hemlock St Between 11th and 12th, the driver will honk the horn and families will come out to gather their meals.

Eagle’s Nest/Monroe Neighborhood/Door Drop-offs: For Eagle’s Nest and the Monroe Neighborhood Meal Distributors will walk alongside your driver and vehicle and grab lunches from the vehicle as families come out from their homes. There will then be a list with multiple door drop-offs assigned to your Crew. Drive to these locations, Meal Distributors will either call these people to drop the meals or leave meals on the doorstep. 


Karen Johnson will be the point of contact for all scheduling. She can be reached at 719-293-5093. In this link you will find the schedule with your role, delivery location, the route you will be on, and the Lead Food Distribution Coordinator for that day. Your days for meal delivery will be consistent each week and last until we no longer are running Meal Distribution. Please meet at the back of the high school by 11:00 am, this includes those listed as “Backup Meal Distributor – Show up weekly”. If you are listed as “Backup Meal Distributor – on call” for that day you do not need to come unless we call. There will be a quick briefing at 11:00 am and all vehicles will depart by 11:20 am. There will be a Meal Distributor Checklist provided for everyone to review for before and after meal delivery. 

We are trying to schedule everyone for 2 days maximum. PLEASE make sure you check the schedule, especially if you were scheduled for 3 days. No one should be working more than 2 days now.

Safety Precautions

In order to minimize risk, we will be taking the following safety precautions: 

  • Do not come in sick!: Please take your temperature at home before reporting to LCHS. If you are not able to take your temperature at home, we will take it for you when you arrive. If your temperature is above 100, if you are feeling unwell, or if you have been in close contact with someone who has been sick, please stay home! Just be sure to let Karen know by 9:00 am that day if you are not able to come in; we have scheduled many backup staff for this very reason. 
  • Driving: With the new restrictions put in place we would like to limit the amount of people in a space together. Therefore, please plan to drive separately to your sites. The exception to this will be those delivering to Eagle’s Nest/Monroe Neighborhood/Door Drop Offs. Mileage reimbursement is available upon request. 
  • Gloves/Masks: We will be providing gloves for all staff. If you would like to cover your face feel free to bring something. At this time, the CDC is only recommending masks for people who are sick, or caring for someone who is sick. Please assess your own comfort. If you wear something over your mouth, you must commit to not touching your mask or face with your gloves on, which is more challenging than it sounds! We have been attempting to order face masks in the event they become recommended; however, right now all facemasks are on backorder. 
  • Vehicle Boxes: Each vehicle will be equipped with a box that includes: extra gloves, hand sanitizer, a trash bag, and hospital grade disinfectant. We are quite low on gloves and hand sanitizer so please use sparingly! After delivery each day please discard your gloves in the trash bag provided and dispose of in the dumpster at the school. Additionally, after each delivery please spray the interior and exterior of vehicles with the hospital grade disinfectant. 
  • Meal Handoff: Meal handoff should be quick and clean! When families come outside to get their meals please do your best to either set meals on a surface for families or pass the lunch bags without making any hand to hand contact. 
  • Sanitization: All shared items (i.e., clipboards, containers, vehicles, radios, keys) will be sanitized with hospital spray at the end of each day. 

Please know we are in close communication with public health as we deliver this essential service. We care about our health and yours, and are being vigilant with our safety protocols. If you see anything that is not in line with the protocols above, please let us know. Information is changing frequently, and we will change practices and inform you of any updated protocols when they are recommended.

Please reach out to Karen or Taylor if you have any questions. Again, thank you for your support during this time.

All the best,

The Out of School Time Team 

Karen Johnson: (719) 293-5093

Taylor Trelka: (719) 427-7003)

Blanca Rodriguez: (719) 293-0115

Bri Golden: (719) 466-1984

Tim Best: (719) 293-5363