LCSD Staff update 4.13.20

We hope you are staying healthy and had a nice weekend.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves we continue to follow updates from the governor. We are so grateful for the governor’s suggestion that we continue our critical work through this closure because we are all essential staff. Your work in the district is appreciated not only by the district but also by our families and the community. 

While we continue to work, much of the economy has slowed down or stopped. This impacts our current state budget and the projected budget for next year. The legislature, who determines our school budget for the coming year has also been delayed. Last week, a legislative leadership meeting indicated they were looking at bringing the legislature back into session on or around May 18th. The legislature’s goal would be creating a budget and a school finance act and sending it to the Governor by May 30.

Due to these delays, many of our typical district-level processes are also being delayed. We normally send out letters of assurance or notices of assignment for the next year at this time of year. These will be delayed until the legislature is able to give us more information about our budget. 

This is also slowing down some of our hiring processes. We are currently holding off on hiring some of the positions that are open across the district. We will continue to hire positions that are entirely grant funded. If you have questions about specific positions please reach out to your immediate supervisor.

We will keep you updated as this situation continues to unfold. We are working to do whatever we can to support our employees through this situation. Schools are currently closed through April 30th. The governor will likely make another data-based decision about schools and in-person instruction later this month. We are anticipating that schools will remain closed through the end of the school year.

Thank you for the care you all continue to show for our students and our community.