Mrs. Beery’s A-cohort in remote model next week

Dear families of a student in Ms. Beery’s A-Cohort. 

A student or staff member in Ms. Beery’s B-cohort has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  While your student has not been exposed to COVID, we do need your child to attend school virtually in our remote model next week.

All students in Ms. Beery’s classes will attend school next week, but virtually. 

Your student is expected to attend class Monday through Thursday next week. 

  • B-cohort will begin class at 8am. 
  • A-cohort will begin class at 12pm. 

They will use their Google Meets link connected to the Google Classroom.

If you need lunches during this quarantine period for your child, please contact Julie Mehle who is happy to arrange a box of meals for a week’s time. You can call or text her at: 719-293-1040 or email her at

If you have any questions or need support to get your child online for their classes, please contact us at 719-486-6830.

Thank you again for your partnership during this exceptional time!


The Lake County Intermediate Staff