New Graduation Requirements

Lake County School District is in the process of writing new graduation requirements based on guidelines that were released by the Colorado State Board of Education.

We want to be sure that our requirements reflect the hopes and dreams that our community holds for our youth.

Our sincere thanks to our community for offering valuable input in the fall of 2016. We heard from over 300 community members, parents, students, alumni, civic and industry leaders in more than 25 community forums.

These forums reflect our school district’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that school programs reflect the values and wisdom of our local community. As we look to prepare our students for college and career, we want to be sure we understand our community’s perspectives on how to ensure that LCHS graduates are prepared for adulthood.

Our school board will work to adopt guidelines by May 2017.

For more information about the new guidelines, please visit the CDE Website:

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