Project Dream Spring Information

Thanks for a great fall semester of Project Dream programming! We are eager to continue after school and Friday programming this spring.

Your student’s days in Project Dream will remain the same this spring unless you contact the school’s Site Supervisor to change them. If your student is not currently enrolled in Project Dream and would like to be, reach out to the school’s Site Supervisor! Their contact information can be found below.

Remember that there will be no Project Dream programs during parent-teacher conferences on March 20 & 21. Our last day of programs will be June 7th. Please see the calendar for the full schedule of Project Dream programs for the school year 2023-2024.

There have been some updates to the transportation schedule for this spring. Please find new times and stops below.


Site-Based After School Information

Remember, pick-up time will be no later than 6:00pm. When picking up your child in the evening, you will need to come to the main entrance of the school and sign your student out. Please be sure your child is prepared to go outside each day with proper footwear, jacket, gloves, etc.


Friday Programs

LCHS Fridays: Any LCHS student is welcome to come to Friday programs which run from 9:00am-3:30pm. 9:00am-12:00pm will be focused on academics, 12:00pm-3:30pm will be clubs. If your LCHS student needs the bus, please see the schedule below.

Friday programs will continue to take place at your student’s school! For free Friday programming, Friday drop-off is at 9:00am at your student’s building. If you wish to participate in Before Care, you can drop your student off as early as 7:45am for a fee of $10 per Friday (you can pay using check, cash or online). Pick-up is no later than 3:10pm at LCES and 3:30 at LCIS.  When picking up your child in the evening, you will need to come to the main entrance of the building and sign your student out. We will be in contact about any special events that occur on Fridays (see days in blue on calendar for dates).


Late Fees

A fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged for each minute after Project Dream closes at 6:00pm Monday-Thursday and 3:10pm at LCES and 3:30 at LCIS on Fridays. for each student still in our care. If we are unable to contact a parent or emergency contact within 30 minutes, the Department of Human Services will be called.


Attendance Policy

If your student has two unexcused absences from programming, they will be dropped from Project Dream and placed on a waiting list. Make sure you call the Project Dream Site Supervisor if your students are going to be absent.


Transportation Schedule

Please remember, all kindergarten students must be signed off the bus! Times may vary slightly by day.

Spring 2024 Mon-Thurs Bus Routes (updated 2/19/24)
Yellow Activity Bus #1Mountain View East6:03
Yellow Activity Bus #1Mountain View West6:06
Yellow Activity Bus #1Mountain Valley (M/W)6:15
White Activity Bus #2Lake Fork6:10
White Activity Bus #21991 Hwy 24 South6:15
White Activity Bus #2Eagle’s Nest (kinder student)5:10
White Activity Bus #2Poplar & E 6th5:17
White Activity Bus #2Eagle’s Nest5:35
White Activity Bus #2Tabor Grand5:40
White Activity Bus #2Hazel & E 4th St5:40
White Activity Bus #2Hazel & E 8th St5:43
White Activity Bus #2Poplar & E 8th St5:44
White Activity Bus #2Leiter & W 4th5:48
White Activity Bus #2425 W 3rd St5:49
White Activity Bus #2Leiter & W 2nd5:50
White Activity Bus #2Pine & Chestnut5:51
White Activity Bus #2Elm & Spruce (T/TH)5:52
White Activity Bus #2Elm & Loomis5:58
White Activity Bus #2Elm & Spruce (M/W)6:18 / 6:36
White Activity Bus #2814 Turquoise St6:26
White Activity Bus #2Family Dollar6:28
White Activity Bus #2Mountain Valley (T/Th)6:33
Spring 2024 Friday Pick Up / Drop-off Routes
RouteStopMorning pick upAfternoon drop-off
PD Bus South-1Lake Fork8:042:51
PD Bus South-11991 Hwy 24 S8:133:00
PD Bus South-1Elm & Loomis8:173:04
PD Bus South-1Harrison & W 4th8:223:09
PD Bus North-1Mtn View East8:373:26
GOL Bus 1Mtn View West8:373:26
PD Bus North-21000 Mt Massive8:543:43
PD Bus North-2300 Mt Princeton8:553:44
PD Bus North-2Eagle’s Nest8:583:47
PD Bus North-2Hazel & E 8th9:053:54
PD Bus North-2Poplar & E 6th9:083:57
PD Bus North-2Leiter & W 2nd9:154:04
PD Bus North-2Pine & Chestnut9:174:06
GOL Bus 2Prospecto & Silver Eagle Dr9:033:52
GOL Bus 2Mountain Valley9:103:59


El Camioncito Schedule

Keep in mind there is always an opportunity to take advantage of the Mobile Learning Center (El Camioncito)! Students can visit El Camioncito on a drop-in basis after school until 6:00pm!

Day Location 
Monday Lake County Elementary School
Tuesday Lake Fork
WednesdayMountain View
ThursdayMountain Valley

Questions or Concerns? Please contact one of our Project Dream Team Members.

Raquel Contreras
LCES Site Supervisor
Blanca Rodriguez
LCIS Site Supervisor
Lana Butler
LCHS Site Supervisor
Vianca Gonzalez
MLC Site Supervisor

Out of School Time Director: Taylor Trelka