Project Dream/SWAP Incident on 4/5/24

Dear Parents and Guardians of Project Dream/SWAP Students,

We are writing to inform you of an incident that occurred on the Project Dream/SWAP trip today (4/5/24), that was reported to school staff. A report was made that student(s) shared pictures showing alcohol was brought on the trip and students may have engaged in drinking of this alcohol. Families of the students that were potentially involved have been notified. Project Dream and SWAP take the safety of our students seriously and will follow school, program, and district policy in investigating and taking appropriate next steps. We plan to have a conversation with Project Dream and SWAP students when they return from the trip today to share with them that when incidents happen, this reflects on our school as a whole. This does not represent who we are and is not fair to those who did not engage in poor choices. 

We regret that this situation occurred while students were in our care today and will continuously work with students to communicate the risks associated with such behavior. 

Project Dream and SWAP