The Center Closed today (Sept. 10) due to 2nd confirmed positive COVID 19 case

A second employee/student at The Center has been advised by a medical professional to isolate as a result of a confirmed positive COVID-19 test result. Each case of COVID-19 is assessed by public health or a medical professional. In response to the second confirmed positive we will be closing The Center and will be working with local public health to make decisions toward reopening. We will be in contact later today for more information.

As part of this process we will:

  •  The employee/student with COVID-19 positive case has been instructed by a medical professional to stay at home and off campus for a minimum of 10 days or until cleared by a medical release. This is called isolation.
  • Internal contract tracing will be conducted and any individuals who may have been exposed to Covid 19 will be notified by Lake County School District staff via phone. 
  • Work with public health to make decisions regarding the safe reopening of schools.

As we respect the privacy of our staff and students, the name of the individual or details regarding the incident will not be released. As part of the review of the situation, it is recommended that any other individuals that may have been exposed will quarantine for 14 days and monitor for covid symptoms. Individuals in quarantine who are experiencing covid symptoms may choose to contact their health care provider to seek a covid test. Employees should continue to use diligence in their application of health practices (social distancing, hand washing, wearing masks) as a safeguard for personal health and well-being.

For meal pick up, please reach out to Julie Mehle at 719-293-1040.