Language Access Improvements in LCSD

LCSD is prioritizing improving language access and interpretation this year, and is thankful for the support of parent advocates and community partners in the process. Over the past year we have focused on a few key areas of improvement:

  1. Blanca Rodriguez was designated as the district interpretation coordinator. Blanca provides training and support to interpreters, and to staff using interpretation systems.  Blanca also supports staff with scheduling interpreters.
  2. Developed an interpreter evaluation that helps us understand where interpreters strengths are, and what kind of training would be helpful to support interpreters in improving their skills. In May, five community interpreters attended a simultaneous interpretation training as part of this effort.
  3. Increased conference length for Spanish speaking parents to accommodate additional time for interpretation, and changed the scheduling protocol to ensure that every Spanish speaking parent has access to an interpreter.
  4. Conducted staff trainings K-12 on working with interpreters, both over the phone and in person.
  5. All K-12 staff participated in a culturally responsive training. The Center will receive the training this school year.

As part of our process, we are conducting surveys after each set of conferences; one for parents and one for teachers. 46 Spanish Speaking parents who used interpretation during orientation conferences participated in the survey, which indicated:

  • 83% of parents felt the interpretation was accurate, 11% said it was more or less accurate, and 2% felt it was not accurate*.
  • 83% were satisfied with the interpretation, 13% were more or less satisfied, and 2% were not satisfied*.
  • 78% felt the services were confidential, 20% felt they were more or less confidential.*

*Some parents who responded to the survey did not need interpretation, and account for the missing %.

Teacher results were somewhat similar, with teachers having more confidence in the interpretation service than parents. 32 teacher responses indicated:

  • 91% of teachers felt the interpretation was accurate, and were satisfied.
  • 84% felt they were able to communicate effectively with the parent.

We will continue to use these surveys after each set of conferences to track our progress, and to identify next steps in language access. If you have any questions or comments about language access and interpretation, please reach out to:

Kerri Quinlan, Healthy Schools Director,, 719-293-0107

Blanca Rodriguez, Interpretation Coordinator,, 719-293-0115

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