Graduation 2020 Memories

Dear Lake County Community,

Thank you to everyone who helped make graduation for our 2020 Seniors so special!  

Seniors were celebrated with yard signs, photos downtown, a motorcade and being able to walk across the stage for graduation. 

Thank you to Sarah Dallas and Mayor Labbe from the city for the signs and Amy Tait for organizing the yard signs. 

Thank you to Mr. Cairns and Ms. Dillon for helping organize the motorcade through town. Thanks to Mrs. Julie Mehle (our Food Service Manager) for filming the motorcade (for her 3 1/2 year old grandson) and sharing it here with us. Motorcade part 1 & Motorcade part 2

The graduation video (In English) video (In Spanish)  celebrates the senior class and their accomplishments.  It contains many of the elements of class day and graduation, including a list of the scholarships our students have received. 

The link to watch the zoom recording of students walking across the stage and receiving their diplomas is here.  Please note that the whole recording is over 7 hours long and unedited.

Photos from graduation are available here. Thank you to Brennan Ruegg and Wayne Thomas for their time and helping capture this special time for seniors.

A huge Thank You to Mr. Cairns, Mr. Remsen and all the school district staff who helped make graduation so special.

We hope you enjoy this unique ceremony and virtual celebration.

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