A Few Updates for LCSD Employees Regarding Personnel Practices

Dear Staff

Across our school district we are doing an amazing job of meeting the challenges of our current situation. We continue to deliver meals and engage students in distance learning while also keeping other district processes, for instance designing our new PK-2nd grade building, moving forward. 

Still COVID-19 has caused some delays including budgeting delays at the state level, which causes delays in some of our district processes. This in turn is slowing down some of our hiring processes. We are currently holding off on hiring some of the positions that are open across the district. If you have questions about specific positions please reach out to your immediate supervisor.

We are also suspending evaluations for most employees for the 2019-20 school year. This means all employees are in good standing for all of their hard work earlier this year and through this current situation. We so appreciate everyone’s effort to help as we work through COVID-19. 

The only exception to suspended evaluations will be for teachers and licensed staff members who are on probationary status. For those individuals suspending their evaluation would be detrimental to their overall progress to becoming non-probationary. Principals will work with these few individuals to ensure that they have an evaluation and their progress continues.

Keep taking care of yourself and your loved ones.