Dear LCHS 9-12 Virtual Families and Students

We are getting more and more excited for the 2020-2021 school year as we continue to figure out what school will look like and how it will work.  We are excited you have chosen the virtual option and look forward to partnering with you to educate your students in this challenging time. 

We will kick things off with virtual orientation for students over Zoom next Monday (24th)  and Tuesday (25th).  Here are the zoom session and zoom information where Mr. Cairns will go over the program and answer everyone’s questions. 

Please plan to attend one of these sessions.  The Tuesday sessions will be recorded and posted for your reference. 

Many of you have asked if you will have a virtual crew teacher.  You will not have a the same crew teachers as last year, but will have a team that will support you all during this virtual phase.  They will play all the roles that crew teachers normally play so that your students feel cared for and supported during this time. 

  • Ms. Hofer:  will be the main academic support for 11-12th graders.  Parents should contact her with academic concerns and she will be the main person working between students and the CDLS program.
  • Ms. Kerrigan will be the main academic support for 9th and 10th graders. Parents should contact her with academic concerns and she will be the main person working between students and the CDLS program.
  • Ms. Radilla will be the “crew” teacher for 9-12th graders and will set up google meets for students to interact, check on individual students, run community meetings, keep students in the loop around LCHS happenings and be a emotional support. 
  • Additionally, if students have received ELL or Special Education supports, case managers will continue to support those students, be in touch with families and serve as the primary “crew” type person for those families. 

We have received several questions about schedules and electives.  We are building each students schedule in the CDLS platform to closely match their core class requirements.  9th grade students are being scheduled into English, Integrated 1, Physical Science and Geography and Health.  10th grade students are being scheduled in English, Integrated 2, Biology, US History and Spanish 2.  11th and 12th graders have more individualized schedules.  Some students will be in slightly different classes based on their ICAP and course availability.  We feel that in this virtual environment that 5 classes is probably plenty for most students to manage.  If they would like to take electives we will talk about some options and how to sign up at the Virtual orientation next week.   Students will still be totally fine and on track to graduation if they don’t take a full seven classes during this global pandemic. 

Lastly, please remember we have other items at the high school for Orientations Conferences that you may want to visit:

  • Free/reduced information and help station
  • Student Photos/IDs with Lifetouch (all students should take an ID photo)
  • Pay station for student fees
  • Transportation information and sign up
  • School Based Health Center Information
  • Full Circle 
  • Athletic Information
  • Project Dream Registration

Thank you, 

Lake County High School