Project Dream partner activities begin Monday, Oct. 12th

Beginning on October 12 all LCIS students will be able to come to school Monday through Thursday thanks to our new hybrid LCIS/Project Dream partnership!

From October 12-November 12 your A Day student will spend their afternoons with Project Dream and community partners. The majority of this afternoon programming will be off-site. If you need to pick your child up early from school please communicate this to the front office before 12:00. 

For more information please contact Blanca Rodriguez – – 719-293-0115.

Please see your child’s schedules below.

Cohort A Student Schedule
October 12-November 12
7:45-12:05 Classroom Instruction Required
12:05-3:30 Project Dream Optional
November 16-December 17
7:45-12:05 Project Dream Optional
12:05-3:30 Classroom Instruction Required

Partner Activities – A Students by Teacher

10/12 – 10/1510/19 – 10/2210/26 – 10/2911/2 – 11/511/9 – 11/12
Swimming K. HangerPageBarnettWarnerKim
GOL! 1
PageK. HangerBrungardtFinckForget
GOL! 2
WarnerBarnettPageK. HangerBrungardt
GOL! 3
KimWarnerK. HangerPageK. Hanger
GOL! 4BarnettKimWarnerBarnettPage
C4 Farming/ CookingBrungardtFinckKimBeeryBarnett
Leader’s ChoiceForgetBeeryForgetKimWarner
Full Circle (6th) BeeryForgetBeeryForgetBeery
Full Circle (5th) FinckBrungardtFinckBrungardtFinck