Social Media Concern

Dear Families,

In light of a viral social media video receiving national attention among high school and college aged students, we want to remind our families the importance of having conversations with your child regarding safe social media practices and that all members of the Lake County community should be safe from sexual violence. We believe that all individuals have a right to feel safe from sexual violence and encourage any individuals who are not safe from sexual violence to seek help. Please see the list of local resources available in our community to support our students and families.

To report sexual violence, to seek help as a victim, or if you feel unsafe, please contact:

  • 911 (if urgent)
  • A trusted adult
  • School Resource Officer Lawrence Chaisson (719) 293-5286
  • Safe to Tell 1-877-542-7233 (anonymous)

Student and staff safety is our top priority in the Lake County School District.

To contact a mental health professional at your school: 

  • WPE Christy Trujillo: 719-427-0105 
  • WPE Heather Evans: 719-293-1751
  • LCIS Sarah Roberts: 719-486-6840 
  • LCHS Becca Voit: 719-293-5954
  • LCHS Megan Parocha: 719-427-7080
  • CCHS Barbara Ferri: 719-293-5113

To make an appointment with Solvista you can call any of the following numbers: 

  • Solvista Health Leadville Office: 719-486-0985
  • Kelsey McNeill, Solvista Program Supervisor: 719-429-1326
  • Solvista Organization Office: 719-539-6502 

Please click here to view other Mental Health Resources in Lake County.

Ben Cairns

LCHS Principal